The New York Times says: More (polyunsaturated) fats, fewer carbs.

The New York Times posted an article today about how eating more fats of a particular kind (polyunsaturated fats, from vegetables and fish sources) is beneficial to the body.

(And no, eating fat doesn’t make you get fatter).

This is a great primer for a series of topics that I’ll be discussing at length here:

Why does our body get fatter when we feed it carbs, but less so when we feed it fat (What are the mechanisms and hormones at play)?

Why would the body even work that particular (counterintuitive) way, and not just get fatter if you feed it fat?

Why do dynamic systems respond in such a counterintuitive way?

But most importantly: What are the implications of this for us as runners, athletes, and people?

Understanding this kind of stuff is really worth your while. You put food in your body three times a day, but run (maybe) only one.

That said, what do you think about the article?

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